After almost a decade of collaborative work, in 2014 the ICCOM Camerino Third Party Research Unit (URT) was established, located at the University of Camerino in the School of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences. It is composed of 3 University Professors and 5 contract personnel units. The main topics within the URT involve ‘Separation, storage and functionalisation of gaseous molecules by coordination polymers and extended molecular systems ’ with possible applications in gas storage and separation, catalysis, drug delivery, sensors and luminescence. Moreoverm the URT has a vast experience in the synthesis of water-soluble ruthenium complexes, stabilised by arene and beta-diketones with high and selective antitumoural and antimetastatic activtity.

Address: School of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, University of Camerino, Piazza dei Costanti, 62032 Camerino (MC), Italy.

Responsible: Prof. Claudio Pettinari
tel +39 0737 402848
email claudio.pettinari(at)