The Institute for the Chemistry of OrganoMetallic Compounds (ICCOM) was established in 2001 after the merging of former ISSECC (Institute for the Study of Stereochemistry and Energetics of Coordination Compounds), founded by Luigi Sacconi in Florence in the '70s, with three CNR Research Centres located in Florence, Pisa e Bari. The aim of the merging was to create an important CNR stronghold in the field of organometallic chemistry and its use in homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis. Since 2006 ICCOM CNR manages and coordinates the activities of CeME (Centre for Electron Microscopies), a structure operating in the Florence CNR Research Area in the field of electron microscopies with instrumentations made available to CNR and University Reserchers and to the industrial and manufacturing sector, also outside Tuscany. Two Third Parties Research Units (URT) are associated to ICCOM. The first, established in 2008 at the Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences of Trieste University, brings expertise in the application of nanotechnologies to heterogeneous catalysis for the development of new material for use in energy production also from renewable feedstocks; the second, established in 2014 with the School of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences of the Camerino University, gives expertise in the field of chemistry of porous material and organometallic and coordination polymers. In November 2019 the institute has 85 permanent staff units among which 61 researchers, 2 technologists, 6 administration staff units and 16 technicians. To the institute scientific activities participate also external personnel associated to the different research activities, mainly coming from Universities, and 25 contract researchers and trainees (PhD students, postdocs, visiting scientists) contributing with new ideas, enthusiasm and vitality to the institute activities and life.

Past Directors:

ISSECC: Prof. Luigi Sacconi (1979-1981); Prof. Oriano Salvetti; Prof. Alberto Vacca (1982-1991); Dr. Claudio Bianchini (1991-2001).

ICCOM: Dr. Claudio Bianchini (2001-2011); Dr. Maurizio Peruzzini (2011-2017); Dr. Francesco Vizza (2017-today).