Pagnotta Stefano

Personal Information

Position: Assegnista
Curriculum Vitae: Curriculum Vitae 03-MAG-2016EN.pdf
Location: Pisa

Education: PhD in Earth Sciences, University of _ (YEAR); Master Degree in Archaeology, University of _ (YEAR); Bachelor Degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, University of _ (YEAR).

Work Experience: Type of positiion, Institute (Year-Year); Type of positiion, Institute (Year-Year); ...

Memberships: Member of Editorial Board of the Open Anthropology Journal; “Cultore della Materia” in Prehistorical Archaeology in Pisa University.

ORCID ID: 000-0002-6645-4924

Research Interests: LIBS, Spectrometry, Cultural Heritage, Enviroment, Earth Sciences, Pottery analysis, imaging, MATLAB scripting, ANN.

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