DIRECTOR: Dr. Francesco Vizza.

Institute Advisory Board (16/03/2016-15/03/20): Dr. Cosimo Cardellicchio, Mrs. Manuela Cempini, Dr. Alessandro Ferretti, Dr. Luca Gonsalvi, Dr. Stefano Legnaioli, Dr. Alessandro Mordini, Dr. Francesco Vizza (from 07/02/2017 Dr. Pierluigi Barbaro).

Secondary Sites Managers (RSS): Dr. Claudia Forte (Pisa); Dr. Caterina Fusco (Bari).

Third Parties Research Unit Managers (URT): Prof. Paolo Fornasiero (Trieste); Prof. Claudio Pettinari (Camerino).

Administration Secretary: Mr. Francesco Bonaccini (Florence).

Secondary Sites Administration Secretaries: Mrs. Manuela Cempini (Pisa); Mr. Stefano Carito (Bari).



Boards, committees and institute management tasks

Direction Secretary: Mrs. Caterina Monitillo (Florence).

Personnel Management: Mr. Fabio Migliacci (Florence);Mrs.  Manuela Cempini (Pisa); Mr. Alessandro Basanisi (Bari).

Scientific Missions Management: Mr. Francesco Bonaccini (Florence); Mrs. Giuliana Morelli (Pisa); Mr. Stefano Carito (Bari).

Vacancies Procedure Management: Mrs. Caterina Monitillo (Florence); Mrs. Manuela Cempini (Pisa).

Purchases and Tenders Office (Florence): Mr. Fabio Migliacci, Dr. Lucia Angellottti, Mrs. Valentina Morello.

Purchases (economo): Mrs. Caterina Monitillo (Florence); Mr. Maurizio Picchi (Pisa); Mr. Alessandro Basanisi (Bari).

Safety and Risk Management: Mr. Carlo Bartoli (Florence); Mr. Marco Carlo Mascherpa (Pisa); Uniba services (Bari).

Chemical Waste Management: Dr. Ilaria Santoni (Florence); Mr. Marco Carlo Mascherpa (Pisa); Uniba services (Bari).

ICCOM Manager for PEOPLE-CNR online bibliographic platform: Dr. Luca Gonsalvi (Florence).

Libraries Contacts: Dr. Stefania Cicco (Bari); Dr. Luca Gonsalvi (Florence); Dr. Emanuela Pitzalis (Pisa).

Outreach Activities: Dr. Gianna Reginato (Florence).

ICCOM website management: Dr. Luca Gonsalvi (updates, news, calls for positions and projects); Dr. Andrea Marchionni (webmaster, software, hardware).