The Bari-ICCOM research laboratories are located in the University of Bari Chemistry Department and includes (in 2019) 5 researchers and 1 administration staff unit, together with 2 University of Bari associated staff. The Bari ICCOM unit has competences in the field of organic syntheses related to the following topics: enantioselective synthesis and catalysis, mesoporous biosilica surface functionalisation for use in nano-biotechnology, synthesis of polyunsaturated organic compounds, molecular conjugate compounds, functionalised oligomers, polymers for photonics and electronics, dioxiranes chemistry and oxygen transfer reactions, natural macrocycles selective oxy-functionalisation (antitumorals), CO2 capture and utilisation (CO2 photoactivation by solar light, new nanomaterials and porous materials as sorbents), nanocatalysis.

Address: Department of Chemistry, University of Bari, Via Orabona 4, 70126 Bari, Italy

Site Manager: Dr. Caterina Fusco
tel +39 080 5442068
email fusco(at)

Administrative Office: Mrs. Angela Rafaschieri
tel +39 080 5539596
email rafaschieri(at)