Vizza Francesco

Personal Information

Position: Direttore
Curriculum Vitae: cv_vizza_2018-02-02.pdf
Location: Firenze

Education: Laurea Degree in Biology, University of Florence (Italy), 1982.

Work Experience: 1982-1985: Postgraduate researcher at the University of Florence, Department of Chemistry; 1986-2010: Technician, Researcher and Senior Researcher at the Istituto di Chimica dei Composti OrganoMetallici (ICCOM)-CNR, Florence, Italy; 2010-present: CNR Research Director; 2012: Qualified as Full Professor in the field of “Fundamentals of Chemical Sciences and Inorganic systems”; February 2017 to present: ICCOM Director.

Management: see attached CV

Publications: 175 peer-reviewed publications in qualified international journals, 34 patents, 2 monographs, 9 chapters in specialized books, >200 presentations at International and National Chemical Meetings.

Bibliometric data (Scopus, 11/03/2019):results found 180; sum of times cited 6415; citing articles: 4102; h-index: 47.

ORCID: 0000-0003-3850-0249 ResearcherID: N-5555-2015 Scopus Author ID:7003389755

Research Interests: Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells (DAFC and PEMFC); Electroreforming for hydrogen production from renewable resources (alcohols); Electrocatalysts for solar fuel production; Electrocatalysts for the reduction of CO2 to fuels and chemicals; Direct electrochemical oxidation reaction of alcohols at medium to high temperature (150-200 °C); Development of photocatalysts for H2 evolution; Catalysts for hydrogen evolution by controlled hydrolysis or thermolysis of metal hydrides; Recovery of metals from waste lithium batteries; Organometallic Fuel cells (OMFC) and Organometallic Electro-reformers (OMER).

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