CNR-PAN Bilateral Project

Title: CNR-PAN (Poland) bilateral project - Multidisciplinary studies of structural and dynamic properties of glass-forming compounds.

Principal Investigator at ICCOM: Lucia Calucci

Project type: International

Duration: 01/2017-31/03/2020

Abstract: This project aims at studying polymorphism, structural, and dynamic properties of selected organic materials showing a tendency to vitrify in peculiar conditions of temperature. Indeed, understanding the relationship between molecular structure, dynamics, and polymorphism and the influence of temperature on the tendency of molecules to form a glassy phase is necessary in order to both gain fundamental knowledge and improve industrial processes, such as food preservation and drug formulation. In the project, molecular liquids and soft materials showing liquid crystalline phases and/or orientationally or conformationally disordered crystalline phases are investigated. A multi-disciplinary approach, including calorimetric techniques, NMR spectroscopy and relaxometry, broadband dielectric spectroscopy, and computational methods is applied.

ICCOM participants: Silvia Borsacchi, Lucia Calucci, Claudia Forte, Silvia Pizzanelli, Giacomo Prampolini, Marco Geppi.

Partnership: ICCOM, The Henryk Niewodniczanski Insitute of Nuclear Physiscs, Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland).

Sponsored by: CNR and PAN.

Financial contribution (overall): € 30.000

Financial contribution (ICCOM): € 12.000