Title: Continuous flow processes for the catalytic, one-pot production of 5-methyl-2-pyrrolidone derivatives from biomass feedstocks as sustainable alternative to NMP.

Principal Investigator at ICCOM: María Carmen Moreno Marrodán

Project Type: National

Duration: 05/2018-11/2018

Title: Nanotechnologies for sustainable valorisation of the national energy potential (geothermal and hydrocarbon feedstock) - BIOGEL

ICCOM Principal Investigator: Elisa Passaglia

Project Type: National - Tuscany Region

Duration: 01/04/2016-31/01/2018

Title: Naturalised dyes replacing commercial colorants for environmentally friendy leather dyeing and water recycle

Principal Investigator at ICCOM and Project Coordinator: Alessandro D'Ulivo

Project type: International - Life2012 ENV/IT000352

Duration: 01/2014-06/2016

Website: www.lifebionad.com

Title: Cluster Sustainable Manufacturing CTN01_00163_148175

Principal Investigator: Elisa Passaglia

Project type: National

Duration: 2013-2017

Title: Chemical hydrogen storage through ammonia-borane (AB): synthesis of AB dehydrogenation catalysts and combined spectroscopic/computational studies of the mechanism of hydrogen release

Principal Investigators: Maurizio Peruzzini, Andrea Rossin

Project type: International - CNR and RFBR Russia

Duration: 06/2015-06/2018

Title: Novel polyolefin based elastomers with tailored stiffness from metallorganic catalysis

Principal Investigator: Giuliano Giambastiani

Project Type: National - Cariplo Foundation

Duration: 2014-2016

Title: Nitrogen-Doped-carbon based COAtings for macroscopically shaped metal free catalysts active in the traetment of gaseous Effluents

Principal Investigator: Giuliano Giambastiani

Project Type: International - Framework Convention CNR-CNRS

Duration: 2015-2016

Title: Direct ElectroChemical Oxidation Reaction of Ethanol: optimization of the catalyst/support assembly for high temperature operation

Principal Investigator: Francesco Vizza

Project Type: International - FP7-NMP-2012-SMALL-6

Duration: 2013-2016

Title: Development of injection and blow extrusion molded biodegradable and multifunctional packages by nanotechnology: improvement of structural and barrier properties, smart features and sustainability

Principal Investigator: Elisa Passaglia

Type: International - EC VII FP (2012-2016) FP7 - NMP.2011.LARGE.5 280676

Duration: 2012-2016

Title: Environmentally friendly natural products instead of chemical products in the degreasing phase of the tanning cycle

Principal Investigator: Emilia Bramanti

Project Type: International - LIFE 13/ENV/IT/000470

Duration: 2014-2016

Website: http://life-ecodefatting.com/


Title: GREENER - Towards multifunctional, efficient, stable and eco-compatible nanocomposites, based on bioplastics by immobilisation of functionalised nanoparticles and stabilising molecules, with a technologyl interest.

Principal Investigator at ICCOM: Serena Coiai

Project type: National - MIUR FIRB

Duration: 03/2012-03/2016

Titolo: Design of nano-heterogeneous materials for solar energy conversion

Principal Investigator: Julien Bloino

Project Type: National - MIUR FIRB RBFR122HFZ_004

Duration: 2013-2016

Title: Doped carbon nanostructures as metal-free catalysts

Principal Investigator: Giuliano Giambastiani

Project Type: International - FP7-NMP-2011-SMALL-5

Duration: 2012-2016

Title: Advanced nanostructured materials for eco-sustainable cements: investigation of the structural properties and innovative strategies for their improvement

Principal Investigator: Silvia Borsacchi

Project type: National - MIUR FIRB

Duration: 04/2014-03/2017

Website: http://futuroinricerca.miur.it/public.php/

Title: Development of new methods for the Green Chemistry: design of sustainable process for the synthesis of bio-derived platform molecules via continuous flow catalytic reactors.

Principal Investigator at ICCOM: María Carmen Moreno Marrodán

Project type: International

Duration: 07/2016-07/2017

Title: Synthesis of Polyols from Vegetal Oils

Principal Investigators: Caterina Fusco

Project Type: National - Basilicata Region

Duration: 09/2017-09/2018

Title: Laser-based continuous monitoring and resolution of steel grades in sequence casting machines

PPrincipal Investigators at ICCOM: Vincenzo Palleschi, Stefano Legnaioli

Project Type: International - EC

Duration: 07/2013 - 12/2016

Website: www.cordis.europa.eu

Title: Low-impact catalytic processes for the conversion of non-edible plant biomass to high added value chemicals

Principal Investigator: Pierluigi Barbaro

Project Type: International

Duration: 02/2015-02/2017

Title: A common European approach to the regulatory testing of Manufactured Nanomaterials

ICCOM Principal Investigator: Giuliano Giambastiani

Project Type: International - EC FP7

Duration: 2013-2017

Website: www.nanoreg.eu

Title: Plastic tecHnologies for the realization of Organic solar cells and high Efficiency Bright and Uniform Sources

Principal Investigator at ICCOM: Antonio Cardone

Project type: National - Apulia Region

Duration: 12/2010 - 12/2017 (with pilot project)

Website: http://old.arti.puglia.it/index.php?id=825

Title: Modeling Photophysical Processes in Biomolecules. Energy Transfer in DNA and Photosystems

Principal Investigator: Javier Cerezo

Project type: International - Spanish "Fundacion Ramon Areces"

Duration: 2014-2016

Title: Spectroscopic and computational techniques for astrophysics, atmospheric and radioastronomy research - STAR

Principal Investigator: Julien Bloino

Project Type: National - MIUR PRIN

Duration: 2014-2017

Title: Frontier studies in molecular spectroscopy and dynamics: from simple molecular systems to supramolecular aggregates and advanced materials

Principal Investigator: Fabrizio Santoro

Project type: National - MIUR

Duration: 2013-2016

Title: Recovery of Metals from spent lithium batteries

Principal Investigator: Francesco Vizza

Project Type: National - COBAT Consortium


Title: System of multi-layer advanced elements based on innovative surfaces and nonostructured materials for sustainable and energy efficient buildings

ICCOM Principal Investigator: Alessandro Mordini

Project Type: National

Duration: 03/2016 - 03/2018

Sito web: www.progettoselfie.it

Title: Selective recovery of non-ferrous metal automotive shredder by combined electromagnetic tensor spectroscopy and laser-induced plasma spectroscopy

Principal Investigator: Stefano Legnaioli

Project Type: International - EC

Duration: 01/2014-12/2016

Title: European Training Network for Sustainable Phosphorus Chemistry

Principal Investigator: Maurizio Peruzzini

Project Type: International - FP7-PEOPLE-2012-ITN-317404

Duration: 01/02/2013-31/01/2017

Website: www.susphos.eu


Title: Eco-sustainable paints for biodegradation prevention

Principal Investigator: Maurizio Peruzzini

Projet Type: National - Tuscany Region and Verinlegno SpA

Duration: 01/02/2016-30/09/2017