The Research Group at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel



The laboratory of environmental chemistry is part of the Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry in the Chemistry Institute of the Hebrew University. The group has accumulated expertise in the following fields: 1) Sol-gel electrochemistry. The group is a world leader in sol-gel electrochemistry. Among other contributions, the group has introduced the so called sol-gel derived composite carbon electrodes (CCEs). The group has utilized sol-gel based electrodes for electroanalysis, biocatalysis and electrocatalysis. 2) Speciation of polysulfides and other sulfur compounds in surface water and other aquatic systems. In a series of publications, the group has demonstrated that polysulfides are intermediates in the formation of numerous environmentally important volatile organo-sulfur compounds including dimethyldisulfide, dimethyltrisulfide and COS. 3) Currently the group is developing techniques for the coupling of electrochemical flow cells with electrospray mass spectrometry.


The group consists of 3 permanent staff:


        Prof. Ovadia Lev

        Dr. Alexander Modestov (Researcher)

        Dr Jenny Gun (Researcher)


In addition, the group includes at the moment 4 doctoral students and 3 postdoctoral researchers.