The Research Group at ICCOM-CNR , Florence (Italy)

The Florence group participating in the AQUACHEM project is part of the recently constituted Istituto di Chimica dei Composti Organometallici, ICCOM, which, following the 2002 reorganization of the Italian Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, CNR, is continuing the tradition of the former ISSECC CNR ( in the field  of organometallic chemistry and catalysis.  The group consists of 4 permanent staff:

In addition, the group includes at the moment 4 postdoctoral researchers with financial support from EC, NATO, CNR and foreign institutions.  Short-term international visitors, Italian and Foreign graduates, PhD and postdoctoral students also periodically visit the group on the basis of several bilateral programs and collaborative linkages.  A close cooperation with the team lead by Claudio Bianchini and operating at ICCOM in the field of homogeneous catalysis for processes such as polymerization, hydroformylation (HF), hydrodesulfurization (HDS) etc. is concretely active.

Besides the project which is financed by this MCRTN, the groups is involved in the following additional research areas:

·    Organometallic chemistry of transition metal unsaturated carbenes (vinylidenes and allenylidenes). 
·    Activation and functionalization of white phosphorus and related elements.
·    Transition metal hydrides, hydrogen bonding interactions, catalytic hydrogenation.

The above projects are carried out in collaboration with scientists in many other Countries (Italy, Russia, Spain, Germany, France, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Singapore).  Financial support of these projects is provided by the European Commission (COST and INTAS), NATO, MIUR and  CNR.