Research projects at Almeria



Postdoctoral position, starting date December 2006

Water soluble Ruthenium complexes have shown potential interst in catalytic applications such as olefin hydrogenation, metathesis and other C-C bond forming or bond-breaking reactions. The project will be centred on the study of the coordination chemistry of water soluble phosphines such as P((CH2)nOH)3 and related compounds, with particular emphasis to X-ray diffraction analysis. The candidate will be trained in synthetic procedures involving manipulation of air-sensitive compounds (Schlenk type glassware), different characterisation techniques and growth of crystals for X-ray analyses.

Requirements: expertise in coordination chemistry, organometallic synthesis, NMR spectroscopy, X-ray single crystal determination. 



Ph.D. position (shared with CNR), starting date April 2005 FILLED IN

Olefin metathesis is a catalytic process in which alkenes are transformed into new products by rupture and reconstruction of carbon-carbon double bonds. The fundamental features of the process bring it forward in the world scenery of advanced chemical research, which is addressed to develop selective and clean processes, in light of the environmental constraints which have become more and more rigorous.
During last decade, the opportunities to use olefin metathesis in synthetic organic chemistry have grown enormously, due to the introduction of well defined and functional-group-tolerant catalysts exemplified by the Grubbs catalyst [RuCl2(=CHPh)(PCy3)2]. Current work in our laboratory is aimed at investigating the catalytic reactions bringing about alkene metathesis in water as well as exploring the synthetic scope of  highly accessible Ru-based water-soluble unsaturated carbenes. In this respect, particular attention is being paid to investigate the tolerability of the process to different polar functional groups.
The project will suit a Ph.D. candidate working 15 months in Almeria (UAL) and 18 months in Florence (CNR) and will involve synthesis (UAL) and testing (CNR) of new water soluble low valent transition metal vinylidenes and allenylidenes in homogeneous water phase metathesis reactions and related mechanistic studies.
Requirements: basic expertise in coordination chemistry, organometallic and organic synthesis, NMR spectroscopy. Knowledge of homogeneous catalysis is not required but welcome. Envisaged partners: CNR

·         Cost of living in the Almería

·         Accommodation:
- self contained furnished flat, average 300 €/month excl. bills
- furnished room in a shared flat, from 3 to 4 people,  range 100-200 €/month excl. bills.
A number of hostels allow temporary accommodation

Other living expenses
Around 150 €/month.


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Dr. Antonio Manuel Romerosa Nievas

Área de Química Inorgánica, Facultad de Ciencias Experimentales

Universidad de Almería

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